The following Guidelines have been established to assure a safe and enjoyable experience at our field.

   It is essential that everyone adhere to these Guidelines to prevent accidents, injuries, or incidents, and to help us
   maintain the flying site which we are very privileged to use.

   1. Current A.M.A. membership is required to fly at this site. Know and follow the A.M.A. Safety Code that you received
        with your membership. A.M.A. Regulations and Safety Codes are also posted on the bulletin board adjacent to the shelter.

   2. Always use the frequency control system. Share the frequency pins cheerfully and willingly. A minimum of fifteen
      (15) feet should be maintained between flight stations.

   3. The Pit Area will be set up parallel to the direction of the wind, facilitating a left-hand traffic pattern.

   4. Flying above the Pit Area is not permitted.

   5. All models must be facing toward the center of the field when starting engines. It is required that fliers utilize
      the starting bench to restrain the model, or use a tether to secure the model on the ground, when starting or running
      the engine in the pits.
   6. Taxiing toward, or in proximity to, the Pit Area is prohibited at all times.
   7. Gliders should be launched from a point behind the Pit Area so that the Hi-Start  never crosses the flying circle.
       Use of the frequency control system is required for gliders.

   8. All model engines must have a muffler that effectively reduces the noise output to 93 decibels at nine (9) feet distant
       from the engine. Models will be checked with the Club sound meter. If at all questionable as to noise level, the model
       should be checked by the Gehrleins.

   9. Flying is permitted between 8:00 AM and sundown on weekdays, and between  9:00 AM and sundown on Sundays
       and holidays. Running of model engines after sundown is not permitted.

  10. All spectators must be directed or escorted by Club members to a safe area to observe flying activities. Young children
       must be supervised at all times to assure their safety.

  11. No vehicles are permitted on the flying field, except the lawn mowers or service vehicles for special events. The golf cart
        and the hauling tractor/trailer must be driven outside the perimeter of the flying field.

  12. Flying is permitted only in the designated area: Do not fly WEST of the wind tee (toward the buildings); this line extends
        NORTHWEST so that flying over the Club shelter is prohibited; flying NORTHWEST of the balloon launch area (the “Slot”)
        is discouraged in order to prevent overflight of houses and buildings adjacent to the flying site. These guidelines are essential
        to maintaining our privilege to fly at this site! An aerial photo indicating safe fly zones is shown below and is posted on the
        bulletin board adjacent to the shelter.

  13. This flying site is located on a full scale airport with an active runway! Extreme caution must be exercised when full scale
        aircraft are in the vicinity. All models must be landed when a full scale aircraft is taking off, landing, or flying in the vicinity of the airfield.

  14. All persons should avoid crossing the full scale runway. Should it become necessary to retrieve a model, one person should
        cross at a time with an observer watching for full scale aircraft. If the winch is being used to launch full scale gliders, wait for
        an “All Clear” signal from the winch operator before going onto the runway. Never drive the golf cart, tractor, or any other vehicle
        on the full scale runway!

  15. Models will be flown and operated in a safe manner so as to avoid any possible injury to other persons on the field.

  16. Respect the property! Do not litter the flying site. Carry out what you carry in.
         (Revised and adopted: August 2011)